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Denver Grow Shop

​The team at Chlorophyll is here to service all of your questions, needs, and concerns about year-round, indoor, hydroponic, and greenhouse gardening. We have a vast knowledge basis comprised of all the different brands, companies, and products available to you the consumer. Having come from a dense background in retail horticultural services, manufacturing, and hands-on growing, our team is equipped with the experience needed in order to collaborate with you, the hobby or commercial grower. Whether the task is aimed at an organic, synthetic, or aquaponic based system, we strive to educate the general public on the extensive and prolific list of products available to the market.  Stop in to see our huge selection.  

growlights ~ ballasts ~ reflectors ~ soil ~ containers ~ hydropoinc systems ~ rockwool ~ hydro trays ~ compost teas~ fertilizers ~ water testers ~ environmental controllers ~ CO2 refills ~ CO2 generators ~ grow tents ~ exhaust fans ~ cloning supplies ~ water filtration systems ~ pest control ~ carbon filters ~ smart pots ~  ducting ~ flanges ~ reducers.  

Our mission is education and self-sustainability through gardening. Please feel free to stop by our location and talk with one of our team members. You may also find a collage of informative articles written by the Chlorophyll Team that have been and continue to be published.  See what people are saying here.


3801 Mariposa St. 
Denver, CO 80211

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