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Organic Compost Tea at Chlorophyll

Nature's Solution Compost Tea is a product that makes all other RTU "teas" seem plain. Carol Ann Rollins has released this exceptional compost tea that dominates with beneficial fungal and bacterial colony forming units. Nature's Solution Organic Compost Tea is an extremely diverse microbial tea that provides amazing results.

This tea also comes in a patented bag that allows oxygen to reach the microbial solution inside without leaking any of the liquid. This keeps the microbes alive and healthy for up to one year at room temp. The makers of this product have exclusive ingredients that yield an extremely biologically diverse tea; thousands of types of bacteria and fungi are the result of a special brew process. The storage technique and diversity of this product are what put this tea in the top of its class. Apply by foliar or root drench and wait for noticable results within 24 hours! Look for Nature's Solution Organic Compost Tea in 2 QT and 1 GAL sizes at Chlorophyll, Colorado's leading Hydroponic and Organic . Price ranges from approx. $25 to $45 per size.